Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What we have here is a cookbook, basically.

I have been threatening to write one for years, and I am pretty darned good in the kitchen, and the best advice I ever got came from a high school writing teacher who imparted the wisdom to "write what you know."

Well, I know cooking, so what the hell? Let's see where this thing goes...

Some of the places it will go will be the green grocer and the spice merchant in the city market. And the supermarket in Brookside. It will go to Aldi's, it will go to McGonigles, and it will go to Costco.

You will also get to know Kansas City - especially Gomer's Liquors, Gates B-B-Q, Roasterie Coffee, Wild Oats, the brewery at McCoy's Public House and Ambrosi Brothers Cutlery, the kitchen shop in my neighborhood that makes Williams Sonoma and Function Junction look like pikers and poseurs.

I'll offer tried-and-true recipes, served up with slices of life and the occasional hilarious anecdote, usually involving a kid who is now a grownup and who wishes I would get new material.

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Wow ... looks great!

As a novice cook, I'm increasingly interested in finding great recipes.

The best to you and this blog. I look forward to dropping by again soon!